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Throughout my 10+ years in the wedding industry, I have pulled inspiration from my international travels to many far-flung locales including India, Europe, China and Mexico. As I traveled, earning my bachelor’s degree in cultural anthropology, I studied architecture, cuisine, florals and landscapes, influencing how I see patterns, textures and light. Each destination left a lasting impact on my taste for design.

It's this unmatched beauty found in the world around us that I seek to imbue into each and every wedding experience I have the privilege of planning. Exceptional art and design impacts the feelings, photographs and memories of meaningful events, including the day you marry the love of your life.

I look forward to planning and designing your event, leaving an impression with artful impact and international influence.

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Tastes inspired by:

The Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran Desert is my forever home and a constant source of inspiration in all aspects of my life. 

Wabi-sabi Philosophy

I believe in the principles of Wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic that embraces authenticity and celebrates the intrinsic beauty of imperfection. It is a daisy-among-the-roses approach to design aesthetic. 

Let’s design your wedding.

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The Justine Fritz Weddings Commitment

Advocating your dream wedding

I am an advocate for your dream wedding. Together, we’ll define, honor and elevate your unique vision. 

Seeking thoughtfulness & celebration

I believe in creating an inviting experience, from the countless collaborative discussions to the clear, guided planning as we curate each detail for your event. I’ll be there every step of the way. All elements should brim with warmth and sophistication, naturally inspiring love, kindness and celebration.

Collaborating with the community

I support the local creative community, partnering strictly with trusted vendors who bring a reliable approach to everything they do. Wedding planning is the perfect combination of details and dedication from industry professionals. I will bring the best to your wedding.

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Photo by Lea Bremicker Photography

My husband and our two boys. I definitely live in a boy house. 

fundamental favorites in my life


Our rescue dog, Max. He is a black lab mix, but he is really 100% human. 


Work. I seriously love my job so much.


Cooking and hosting holidays at home for family and friends.


Daydreaming. Popular subjects include planning future vacations and redecorating my house for the 100th time.



"Thank you so much for your amazing assistance in coordinating the month of our wedding. The minutes you came on board a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders. I will be recommending you to every bride I meet!"

Photo by Lea Bremicker Photography

Mary, Los Angeles, California

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