Micro Wedding Planner Story: Lemons Make Lemonade

November 30, 2020

Micro wedding ceremony in front of a flowered arch, planned by micro wedding planner, Justine Fritz

Earlier this year, I became a micro wedding planner when my clients’ wedding plans drastically changed. Their 75-person destination wedding turned into an at-home ceremony with about 10 people. But that’s not the start or end of this wedding story.

Wedding planning & design with pretty sophistication

It began when I met K and J at a local coffee shop. They had flown in for the weekend to choose their wedding venue. They hired me as their coordinator but also as their event designer. K is a midwestern girl through and through. She wanted an elevated version of classic country charm. We chose white and blue as the primary palette and planned to ground it with wood tones and touches of silver. We wanted a “home away from home” vibe for all traveling guests. Moreover, we wanted to make sure it screamed pretty and whispered sophisticated too. 

A change of plans: micro wedding style

It was a Friday when the news broke about COVID and what it meant for group celebrations in our area. I was knee deep in flower prep for that Saturday’s events when I got the call from J. Without a hand free, I spent the day with J and K on speaker phone. I arranged flowers as we discussed and stressed about their upcoming wedding. I believe we went through all the phases of grief together, each taking a turn lingering in denial, not wanting to postpone the wedding we had been planning for 8 months. Finally, on Monday morning, it was decided. I postponed 2 wedding events for 75 jet-bound guests and a vendor list one mile long, in 4 days.

Father walks bride down the aisle at a micro wedding ceremony

A micro wedding in its place

K and J wanted that big destination wedding, and they were willing to wait for it but they simply wanted to be married more than anything. They decided to keep the original date and plan a Micro wedding with the big celebration to follow the next year, close to their first anniversary. Together with their children, parents and adorable flower dog, K and J were married at their winter home in Cave Creek. We threw together a lush, intimate ceremony and family dance party reception. Everyone was at ease, their day was about celebrating love and family. Nothing, not even Covid-19, could take that away from them.

Micro wedding family

Thoughts from my first wedding as a micro wedding planner

I made lemons out of lemonade. I gave my beautiful bride and groom a wedding at home for 10 when I wanted to give them a destination wedding for 75 on a breathtaking golf course. But you know what?  That’s okay.  It was a beautiful day filled with light, love and joy. Add that is what I am wishing to all of you who read this. Perhaps Covid has changed your wedding plans or you’re worried it might! Stay light, stay strong. Beautiful things are in our future. The day you deserve will arrive and be worth the wait.

Stay tuned for the end of this story — the grand finale as K and J have their country charm destination wedding and reception! Coming soon! 

Planning and Design: @justinefritzweddings
Photography: @rachaelkoscicaphoto
Floral: @flowerstudio
Entertainment: @customfitdj
Catering: @oreganospizzabistro
Officiant: @letsknotweddings

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